Friday, December 7, 2012

LIVING IN CUENCA ECUADOR - Much Accomplished and New Friends!

There are so many details to applying for our residency visas, looking for a more long-term rental, and learning about the Ecuadorian lifestyle and culture.  Our relocation helper came over today and we went through our documents and discussed our desires for a more permanent rental.  Within a couple hours we had our passports copied and laminated to have on us at all times.  Original passports are worth $10,000 on the black market, so we should never carry our originals!.  We also went and had our passport pictures taken for our visa application, and we now have our new cell phones and Cuenca phone numbers. 

We had dinner with our new friends, Ruta and Tim, at DiBacco's, a delicious Italian Restaurant.  It was a fun evening, and we shared our stories about what brought us to Cuenca, Ecuador.  After dinner, we walked around El Centro and came upon the Dominican Ministry of Iglesia Santo Domingo's annual holiday lantern lighting ceremony in Santo Domingo Plaza.  It was a sight to behold!  I had been carrying my camera around since we arrived, and this one night I left it at the apartment.  Never again!!!  I'll be sure to photograph it next year!  The area's streets were blocked off, and there were thousands of homemade paper lanterns with candles lit inside each lantern.  This beautiful city was alive and glowing in the dark of night!  Hundreds of Ecuadorian families were celebrating, and there were children frolicking and laughing in the lantern-lit streets as festive music played in the background. I will forever remember this sight to behold.

We headed for Tutto Freddo, a delicious ice cream and pastry place, and then sat in El Centro park enjoying our dessert as we people-watched.  Our new friends walked us back to our apartment where we ended our evening with more sharing.  They decided to take a taxi home instead of walking.  As we ended our day,  Bo and I both agreed, "It's been another great day in Cuenca."

We're glad we finally got to meet you, Tim and Ruta.  We look forward to more fun times together.

We LOVE our New and Beautiful City CUENCA!!

Daily, we see unique and delicious vendor carts along the city streets.

The Ecuadorian people are hardworking and beautiful.....
The Ecuadorian people are humble and make us smile!

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