Saturday, June 15, 2013

COFFEE IN CUENCA ECUADOR - Coffee Cupping Event Presented by Cafe De Nucallacta - A new and fun experience!

It's all about excellent coffee!

On Saturday, June 8th, Bo and I had a wonderful day with our friends from Cafe de Nucallacta as they presented their first "Coffee Cupping" event.  It was held at the Chamber of Commerce, and Rumi (Rumiñahui Duchicela
Founder and Owner of Cafe de Ñucallacta in Cuenca) presented two fun-packed sessions that drew the crowds in and gave many Cuenca visitors and residents a fabulous new experience of tasting and learning all about coffee. 

I'd never even heard of a coffee cupping before.  Yet, like at a delicious wine tasting event where one learns to taste and really appreciate the finer wines, we were educated at this event that coffee is not just a another beverage, but there is so much to know about how to identify quality roasted coffee beans and how to brew the finest cup of coffee.  Rumi's Cafe de Nucallacta and Fapacafes, an Ecuadorian Specialty Coffee Grower company from the Loja area joined together to put on an informative coffee presentation and demonstration, and the majority of attendees were wholly involved and had a new and interesting experience. They learned how to appreciate the sweetness, acidity, and body of the best of the roasted coffee beans presented that day. 

For me, it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, to be able to photograph this fabulous event for Rumi, and to be a part of this educational and enjoyable day.  Rumi's coffee knowledge, his passion for his coffee business, and his kind and engaging personality was another added highlight to this one-of-a-kind event.  It is Rumi's desire to educate Ecuadorians as well as Foreigners living in Cuenca about his certified organic and excellent coffee.  He roasts his beans within 48 hours of sales, so you're sure to buy them FRESH.  Bo and I LOVE going to Cafe de Nucallacta for our delicious hot cup of daily roasted coffee, cappuccino, or their most excellent cold frappuccino.  We also always enjoy the variety of people we meet at the cafe, and we've had some memorable times together with Rumi, Melissa, and Franklin.

Thank you, Rumi, for educating us about excellent coffee, for serving the best coffee in Cuenca, and for allowing me to photograph this educational and memorable event.   These pictures tell the story, and it was a great time for all who attended.

The Cafe de Nucallacta (which means, "Cafe from our land or country") Coffee Cupping was held at the Chamber of Commerce facility......
Melissa from Cafe de Nucallacta signed in the participants attending.
Rumi knows coffee!  His presentation was informative and well-presented.
Getting the coffee cups ready for the tasters.
Brewed coffee is presented to the tasters so they can identify tastes and aromas.
The audience listens carefully as they are instructed on the steps to begin the "cupping."
The participants begin with deeply "sniffing" the different brews....
......and trying to identify the aromas (chocolate, floral, fruity, spicy, etc).
Ahhhh, the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room.
The participants were involved and learning how to identify the best of coffee.

There were several steps to the "cupping" event, each step focusing on aroma, taste, and body.
Each roast had five different brews.
The participants were then instructed on how to loudly slurp the coffee to taste for body, acidity, sweetness and flavor.
The room was filled with the loud sound of amateur slurpers as they took this "cupping" step very seriously.
Of course, there were many wonderful sweet treats to go along with the freshly brewed organic coffee being served.....

...and how to make an excellent cup of coffee with different types of coffee brewers was also a part of this informative presentation.
Then there was the drawing for prizes.....
.....and a few went home with new coffee brewers!

Another happy winner!

Participants went home with samples of coffee, and a fabulous time was had by all.
If you missed this presentation, stop in at Cafe de Nucallacta and ask Rumi when you can sign up for his next "Coffee Cupping" event.  However, you may have to wait until next year!


  1. I'm so bummed that we missed this...hoping he'll still be doing these when we arrive (which won't be soon enough for me). :-)

    1. Hi Donna,
      I'm sure there will be another "coffee cupping" event by the time you two arrive here. Soon, Donna, soon!!!

  2. Your blogs are so fascinating, and I just marvel at the memories you and Bo are creating every day in this fascinating place! I am thinking, after reading this, that even I, who don't like coffee, might like it if I could taste coffee that was sweet!

    1. Hi Shadley,
      Yes, there are so many new experiences for us since arriving here 6 month ago. This particular event was a fabulous coffee education and experience. I drink tea mostly - but I do love my coffee treat during the week at Cafe de Nucallacta.
      For me, it's like dessert!
      How wonderful you continue to find our blog a fascinating read. I appreciate hearing from you and your sweet comments.

  3. Great job, Linda! I especially like the picture with the cups reflected in the tea kettle - very artistic. And then there was that awesome picture of the Alaskans inhaling the aroma of the coffee! What a great event. Mara

    1. Hi Mara,
      Yes, it was a great event. You know, those two Alaskans really took this cupping seriously and were right there from start to finish. True coffee snorters and slurpers, they were!!! How we enjoyed you both at this event - I have lots more pics of you to coffee aficionados. We had lunch and iced Fraps today at Cafe de Nucallacta - DELICIOUS. Oh, thanks for the comment on my tea kettle picture - it's one of my favorites too!
      Hurry back - we miss you already.
      Your friends in Cuenca,
      Linda (and Bo)


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