Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've been busy!!  A few blog fans have mentioned, "You haven't blogged in awhile...."  I haven't even taken photos in awhile - except for my recent walk along the Yanuncay River.  Oh, and a few photos of my apartment as I endeavor to decorate and make it colorful and fun so it feels like home.

TRUTH:  I still struggle sometimes with the "home" thing.  Living in the same house back in the USA for 40 years is making it difficult for me to completely surrender here and call this apartment "home."  We went from living in the beautiful Oregon country to living in the bustling noisy city of Cuenca in AN APARTMENT!!  Of course, it was our choice.  However, it still isn't easy to completely embrace a very different lifestyle in a very different environment in a country far away from what was truly "home."

Things are very different here!  After almost one year of "Life in Cuenca," I find myself fantasizing about going back to the USA and resuming my comfortable and familiar life in my beautiful Oregon home.  Thus, a good reason to have sold EVERYTHING before coming to our retired life in Cuenca.  Well, we didn't!!  For many reasons:  not enough time, no exploratory trip first, and not knowing how to do this - moving to a foreign land without ever having been there before.  So, we still have our home of 40 years and our STUFF in storage on our land. We're continually thankful for our God-sent wonderful renters.

Well, here we are, STILL in APARTMENT #5 - and I continue to decorate and make it ours - yet it will NEVER be ours because we are renting and every penny we put into this place is not going to benefit us when we leave - but it makes me happy while we're living here.  Why am I sharing this?  Because it's always my hope that my personal experiences here will encourage someone else coming into this far away and strange land.  That when you have your doubts, meltdowns, or panic attacks (and you will!!!), you'll know that it's understandable, expected, and that "this too shall pass."

Here's a "Living in Cuenca" story for you:
In the process of my continued passion to decorate this place, Bo and I have had to add guardarropas (closets) to our apartment.  It did not come with ANY storage space.  Hey, you make due when the rental price is right!!  So, we purchased one very large wardrobe for our bedroom from a furniture store, which was so easy - ready made and delivered right away.  Well, we needed another one for the guest bedroom in case anyone comes to visit us, and also so we'd have more storage.  Again, not one closet or set of drawers in this humble little Ecuadorian flat when we first moved in.  

A "Tienda de Madera" owner referred a very reliable and excellent "Maestro" to us who would get the 2nd closet job handled.  Of course we knew we could trust the wood store owner who confidently referred this expert cabinet builder.  Well, long story short - this turned into the closet from hell nightmare.  Maestro Sr. S....... came over, got our drawing and measurements and asked for 1/2 the dough (that's my New York slang for money).  We gave it to him.  After some thought and changes on our end, we call Maestro Sr. S......, and he returns a couple days later to go over our revision.  He then proceeds to tell me his niece died and was buried the day before and it cleaned him out financially.  If we could give him more money towards the closet, he would be so grateful.  So, WE DID!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  You NEVER give most of the money for an unfinished job here - or anywhere.  Sometimes the circumstances and the heart of God says, "Break the rules."  So we did.  He wrote on a piece of paper that he would complete and deliver the closet in 14 days.

That was over a month ago!!  After many phone calls to Maestro Sr. S......., no return calls, or return calls saying, "I'll call you "manana....."  and me saying, "Don't call me, bring me my closet......"  we finally decided to go to the wood store and visit the referral man.  He is a man of integrity - truly.  He ends up driving us the next morning to "El Maestro's" house (oh, you should have seen the Maestro's face when we got out of the car....) and I was able to tell him in my not-so-gentle Spanish that he was not a man of his word, had and continued to lie to us (when I asked him to show me the closet being made, he couldn't because it wasn't there in his shop - he never bought the materials!!!) and that he had our money and we didn't believe him anymore.  The referral man was so unhappy about this situation and ended up intervening for us telling El Maestro that if he didn't deliver the closet the following week he had to give us our money back.  Yeah, right.  As if he still had the dough!!!

We ended up driving around with the Wood Store Owner, visiting his family and town, again realizing that it is now about the relationship we now have with J... than the rip-off Maestro who we no longer trusted in for our closet delivery.  J.... dropped us off later that morning and said, "If he doesn't come through, I will personally give you your money back."  Who does that??  Of course, we would never take the money from J...., but just his heart of integrity impressed us.  We asked him not to refer this Maestro to any "gringos," since we didn't want this to happen to anyone else.  

Over the weekend, J...., on his own, returned to the home of Maestro Sr. S....... and called me from there.  He said that our closet would be ready and delivered by Wednesday at 8 am (that would be today).  Again, J.... was watching our back because he had referred this expert cabinet maker.  Today, by 8:30 am, I already knew that our closet was not coming.  Surprisingly, at 4:30 PM (better late than NEVER) "El Maestro" called me, and 1/2 hour later he was downstairs with all the closet pieces.  Well, most of them.  He had his two helpers haul the parts up our 4 flights of stairs (NO, we don't have a luxury elevator - how do you think we are staying so fit here????).  The two helpers begin to assemble the closet parts.  I notice that the sides are white.  I say, "These were supposed to be Cedar!"  El Maestro tells me he can do that.  He then asks me for more $$$$.  Can you even believe this????  "Can I have $30 so I can run and get the hardware to finish this?"  NO!!!! I practically scream.  He quietly says, "Please, Leen-daa.  I want to finish this for you now."  What in the world was I supposed to do or say?  At that point I give him $40 because I don't even have change.  I'm not happy with myself, but again I reason, just finish the closet and GO!!!!!  Of course, he can't finish it today.  The sides are white, not cedar.

You know, I truly am thankful that the closet is here - though it isn't finished (white sides - how cheap and tacky after what we paid for this job from hell), we still have a closet.  I'm trying to focus on the small blessings that come from the waiting and aggravation.  Oh, can you believe that Maestro Sr. S....... tried to tell me that none of this was his fault.  He had ordered the materials back in October and they were never delivered to him.  He wanted to save J....... face when we showed up at his house.  Ask me if I believe him?  I said, "You know, S.........,  you and I aren't going to quibble about this.  Just finish the job and I'll be happy."  He then asks me if I'll forgive him.  "Yes, S........, I'm not upset with you anymore.  Just finish the job!"

The job is STILL not finished.  He has promised to return "next week" with the Cedar to finish the sides of the closet.  He has his money (except for $20 I still owe him).  I have my closet, though it's not done.  If he comes back, I'll be very surprised.  I won't be calling him.  I won't be using him EVER again.  I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!  

I KNOW, I KNOW.  NEVER GIVE too much money to the hired Maestro.  Never expect that the material used will be what they promised.  All the more reason to have the product delivered and finished before paying for it.  Never expect it will be delivered in the time they say it will be delivered.  Just don't expect anything!!!  As for referrals, I so appreciate J.......  He was truly taking on this referral to make sure we were not abused.  He has our utmost respect and gratitude for putting the boot to the Maestro's back.  I wonder if J..... gave him the materials after Mr. Maestro spent our money?????  Vain imaginations, I know.  Just wondering.......

Yes, this could happen anywhere.  But, it happens here A LOT!  It's not fun feeling like someone is ripping you off.  It's not fun paying for something that never gets to you or gets to you and isn't what you paid for. Oh, did I mention, it isn't what we asked for either (apart from the white sides)???  Doesn't even match the drawing - go figure!!!  It's not fun having to explain and reason and try to have the person ripping you off take SOME responsibility, if any, for not delivering what they said they would when they said they would.  IT'S NOT FUN WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU!

This is one of the NOT FUN TIMES we've had here - dealing with Mr. Irresponsibility.  Yet, they are far and few between the wonderful and worthwhile times and relationships we've made and have here.  I share this only because it may help someone else stand strong and say "NO" when they are asked for lots of money for a custom made and non-delivered product.  It may help someone know that in spite of their seeing the best in someone, they may get taken advantage of.  It may not be because of your wisdom and carefully thought out decisions - you may get screwed anyway!!

I still love Ecuador and living here.  I love the wonderful, honest, and caring Ecuadorians who now consider us family and who are watching our back.  I love the opportunity God has given us to leave the USA and live in another country and culture, to be retired NOW so we can enjoy our still youthful days, and to continually add to our wonderful friendships and relationships here.  So, having to deal with Mr. Maestro Sr. S------- is another opportunity to learn patience and forgiveness, to speak truth in love, and to be able to speak words of integrity into his life.  I don't think he heard me.  He continued to look at me pitifully and try to make me believe "It's not my fault."  I'm not expecting him to come back and finish the job.  If he does - Hallelujah!!!  If not, we're moving on........That's my story, and I'm stuck with it!!!!

Some updated "Apartment #5" pics - still in process!!!
When you move to another country with a few suitcases, 
it takes time, PATIENCE, and money to start all over.  
Remember to KEEP IT FUN!!!

I've been color washing some of my walls - getting rid of the bland yellowish color we painted back in April before moving in.......

Next, I'll be making a fabric headboard (Yup!  I'll do it myself!!!) and then hanging my IKEA wall lamps for reading (thanks Rod and Jan, for muling in my IKEA bulbs!!) - then up will go some of my framed photography. 

I color-washed the dining room wall too!  We also got a larger dining room table custom made at the ROTARY, rustic-painted it, and now we have seating for six and more table room (gotta accommodate our dinner guests).

A few new touches to our living room walls and furniture!  Can't wait to get our custom-built coffee table.  Poco a poco......

My office is coming along too!  It was difficult these last few months not having my office space to retreat to.  So, now I'm really happy!!!

If the "Maestro" doesn't return, I know we can finish the sides of our closet ourselves.  For now, I'm thankful the closet is in, and all the stuff that was thrown in this room is now behind closed doors!  This is the last room to furnish and decorate as Bo's "Man Cave." We're making progress!!! 

Getting ready to color-wash the hallway.....

 I never liked this color.  It was supposed to be a mustard gold, but it was way TOO YELLOW and bland for me.  So.......

.....I splashed bright ROJO y ORO on my flat yellowish walls, color-washed them, and.......

.....now I LOVE my hallway.  It's delicious!!!


  1. Wow! WoW! WOW! What a tale you've told...and love all the color explosions in your apartment. That's the biggest downside to the one we rented...everything is white walls and he wants to keep it that way. So we'll have to pop color with furniture, pillows, and wall hangings.

    Keep up the good work and wonderful attitude! Can't wait to see you guys...

    1. Hi Donna,
      Can't wait to have you over to see the changes we've made since your last visit. You'll be decorating soon, and I'm sure you'll bring lots of color into your place and make it delightful! You're going to hae fun transforming your new home.
      You're almost here! Have a fabulous time on your cruise, and see you SOON!

  2. Hello, I am very sorry for all the problems w/ Mr.maestro, I know how you feel, because as Ecuadorian person we going thru this many time, next time do not given any money to those people, asked first for recommendation, and just say no when they ask for advances, a lot of these people have no education, and never been outside of Ecuador, well the good news is we have a very educate President now and we hope, soon every one going to have the opportunity of better life, very sorry and we apology for them, thanks.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. This situation could have happened anywhere, but it happened to us here. You're absolutely right - don't give lots of money before getting the product. Just know that this was a rare incident - and most of our Ecuadorian encounters have been wonderful since our move to Cuenca. It's why we love living here - the people are the joy for us.
      I hope you continue to enjoy our blog.

  3. Linda, what an exasperating experience with your closets. The pace of getting things done outside of a more advanced country, when you're accustomed to a fair amount of efficiency, plus the lack of integrity has to be so stressful. I hear about those experiences all the time, in many countries. At least the man asked for forgiveness so it says he isn't hopeless. I was so glad to hear that you still have your lovely home in OR, plus your things. What a relief! That was God, for sure. But your apt is so beautiful. I want to look up color wash because it's just gorgeous and adds so much. What an artist you are! May you always be blessed and protected on your journey.

    1. HI Alena,
      Yes, he did ask for pardon and wants to make it right! He actually called me the next day to tell me he will surely finish the project until we are satisfied with it. That alone meant a lot. I appreciate your kind words, glad you enjoy my color-wash technique, and I hope you will have fun researching, learning, and even doing it yourself. It's truly a fun way to paint!
      Thank you, Alena.

  4. Hogar Dulce Hogar. I get homesick just looking at how colorful and beautiful this space you've created, and when I return, I too, want to have a beautiful space that I create! And you can cheer me on and show me where todas las gangs -- where all the bargains in town are!
    Muchos abrazos, mis hermanos! Les extraño mucho.

  5. Hola Hermana,
    Oh, by the time you get here (Hurry!!!) things will be so different. Who knows? Maybe our next rental will be ready and we'll be all moved in! For now, we are settled in, enjoying life here, and waiting for you - patiently. We miss you too.
    Con amor,


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