Friday, October 24, 2014

Living in Cuenca - How We Do Our Laundry! MR WASH, of course............

A sunny day in Cuenca - 
perfect for "Laundry Day" by the river!

When we moved from our Oregon home to Cuenca, Ecuador, we left behind many things that I thought I would miss - like our washer and dryer.  Our first four apartments were furnished, but only one of them had a washer and dryer, and we lived in that apartment only two weeks.  So, for the first year here, we would haul our laundry to one of the nearby local laundry services to wash, dry, and fold our clothes.  Then, we would return to pick them up and haul them back to our apartment.  These local places would staple little tags on every single piece of clothing with a 5 or 6 digit number handwritten on each tiny tag.  I would then proceed to cut each little tag off every article of clothing before putting them away.  Not fun!  But, we had decided that we were not going to invest in a washer and dryer - and besides, where would we begin to fit them in our current small apartment?  

Laundry service here is so inexpensive, but I got tired of cutting the tags off every time we would have our laundry day.  We also didn't enjoy hauling our clothes down four flights of stairs and to the laundry place.  Nor did I like the fact that the reason they were tagging each item was because they would mix my clothes in with someone else's so they could make use of filling up their machines.  However, I didn't want to find a self-service laundromat where I would have to sit there and wait for my clothes to wash, dry, and then have to take time to fold them.  After all, I'm "jubilada" and doing laundry has never been a fun chore for me.  

Then, someone told me about MR. WASH!  Really?  They'll pick up our clothes, and deliver them - up four flights?  They use organic products?  They won't mix my clothes with any one else's?  They have same day service?  Count me in!  I called them that day, and it was all true.  They came to our apartment the next day, and delivered that night.  No more little tags to cut off, and my clothes smelled so fresh and were folded so meticulously - I was now another one of their "happy" customers.  Fabian and his wife, Inez, and their son, Kevin are great people.  Their desire is to please their customers, and I'm thankful to know them and to be using their service.  Another thing I love about living in Cuenca - I don't have to do laundry anymore!!

Pictures Tell The Story

Recently, I went over to Mr. Wash to see their facility and meet their staff.  

Address:  Francisco Estrella entre Avenida 27 de Febrero y Avenida 10 de Augusto.

Phone:  099-055-2419
Meet Inez (Fabian's wife and owners), Anita, and Estefania - hard-working women who take special care of their customer's laundry.

MR. WASH is open Sunday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.  They are closed on Saturdays.  

They've been in business four years and know how to take care of their customer's needs.

The employees are meticulous about how they fold each item of laundry, and when they return them to us, nothing is ever missing.

They have other services - like cleaning large rugs and comforters.....

.........and dry cleaning service too!  Oh, and they will hand-wash and line dry delicates!  Did I mention that they also IRON your clothes upon request?  

Yes, MR WASH is a full-service facility that I highly recommend.  They are definitely meeting all of our laundry needs - and I'm thrilled that I can now wait up to three weeks for my pickup and not have to haul my heavy bags through the streets of El Centro.  

Recently, Bo spilled Coconut Oil on a pair of his new hiking pants.  Here, Inez and her helper are looking at the stain and ready to take on the task of removing it.  AND THEY DID!  I've had other stained clothes that they always return to me spotless.  Now, that's service at it's best!!!

If you want your laundry picked up and delivered, and if you want organic products and fabulous service - give MR WASH a call at 099-055-2419.  Inez will be over that day ($2-$4 delivery charge depending on where you live) to take care of your needs.  

Thank you, Inez, for giving me a tour of MR. WASH and for taking such good care of your customers!  Bo and I appreciate your incredible laundry service and we're glad we found you!!!


  1. Hello Linda, it is amazing how the idea of laundry in another country slipped my mind, so I am glad to see your blog on your laundry solution. It is good to see how you meet new people just by helping them making a living. You seem to have been blessed with such an big heart and open mind. We so enjoy reading about your lives in Cuenca. God's blessings to you and Bo.
    Paulette Mehl

    1. Hola Paulette,
      Yes, we are grateful for a laundry service in Cuenca that cares about their customers and meets all our laundry needs. Another thing I love about living in Cuenca - I no longer have to do laundry!!! Thank you for your kind words.
      More to come,

  2. Hi Linda, Even though I have a washer and dryer and will continue to do my laundry pretty much the "old" way, your post made me realize how many other things we now do differently because we live a) in a city; b) in a warm place; and c) in Cuenca, Ecuador. Great post. Love you both a lot.

    1. Hola Amigita,
      Yes, we are living life differently now as city people! I'm thankful for the conveniences we continue to discover here, and the choices we can make for our retired lifestyles. For you, this is a warm place coming from Alaska - yet the Cuencanos dress as if it's Alaska here. Looking forward to warmer sunnier days ahead and more fellowship times together.
      Con Amor,

    2. This is great information, Linda! We have a washer, but no dryer---so it's helpful to have this kind of service when needing to launder, especially, bedding. Thanks for the details.

      Hope Lorena arrived safely. Can't wait to meet her!


    3. Hi Kathy,
      Yes, this service takes the load(s) off our chore list!!! I like the convenience of having
      fabian or Inez come to my place, pick up my loads, and then she brings them back smelling organically wonderful, folded maticulously, and NOTHING is missing!!! Try their service - I think you will love Mr. Wash!

      Lorena is here - and I'm overjoyed. You're going to love her and having another talented artist to glean from.
      See you soon mi amiga,
      La Linda

  3. Linda,
    I have read that you are teaching English to some friends. That is something that I would like to do when I get there. What books do you use? tools?, flashcards? I thought I could get them before I came. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Have A Great Day!

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