Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travels in Ecuador PART 1 - SAN JUAN BOSCO, ECUADOR!!

Our 2015 Travels in Ecuador

  Our adventure in 
  San Juan Bosco, Ecuador
Near the town of San Juan Bosco is this spectacular scenic area where we gazed upon Pan De Azucar, which Means "Sweet Bread."   It has an elevation of 9,700 feet. 

It's time!! To travel and explore our beautiful Ecuador.  Now that we're settled into daily life in Cuenca, and we should be after over two years here, we want to make 2015 our year of exploring this breathtaking country.  Because our cost-of-living is so affordable, and because we are retired and free, we have the liberty to take off and GO!  So, I wanted to share our three amazing trips we have experienced in the past two months.  

Our friends, Dave and Libia invited us to come to their little town of San Juan Bosco and hang out with them for a few days.  So, off we went with our backpacks, walking sticks, and dressed for the Amazon.  Libia was in Cuenca visiting family.  So the day she was ready to leave and head home to her finca in the jungle, we tagged along, took a bus together, and headed for our three day experience in the lush green Amazon Jungle of Ecuador.  

A view of San Juan Bosco from the Bus!
Part of our days were spent exploring the town of San Juan Bosco, an historic town located in the Amazon Basin at an elevation of approximately 3,400 feet (1,050 meters).  It is a county within the province of Morona Santiago and extends from the Eastern side of the Andes mountains to the jungle border with Peru. This peaceful small quaint town has a population size of approximately 1,500 and was founded only 50 years ago. 
San Juan Bosco's Main Street

        Jungle Dave does ecological tours of the Oriente.  
You can visit his website at 
and read all about it.

We did lots of hiking with Dave and Libia.  Bo and Dave taking a break and enjoying a moment in the Mountains!!

On one of our "Tour" walks near San Juan Bosco, we made way for these harvesters of branches..... 
......heading down the mountain. 

Ahhhhh, time away from the city was spent basking in the silence of the jungle and amongst the beauty of nature.

It reminds me of lush green Oregon. 
My favorite place to relax is by a rushing river......

.....and for me, there's no other place in the world to sit and escape the bustling city!

 It had been raining for days, and the ground was very muddy.  So, we decided to not hike into Jungle Dave's farm during this visit.  One of our mornings there, Dave's farm workers hiked out to load up with more provisions.  Libia helps him tie down the load for his journey back.

One of the worker's sons takes a mountain break.

Okay, their mule is loaded and ready to go!

The journey back begins..... 
For Dave, Libia, and their helpers, this hike is a daily event.  Sometimes Dave hikes in and out two or three times a day.  For us, it would have been a great challenge and hours of forging our way in.  They are truly human mountain goats!!!
Yes, that little white speck is Jungle Dave's finca - definitely a hike to be in shape for, even if you have a mule!

 We visited one of Libia's friend's farm.  Their daughter
was captured by my camera and I was captured by her adorable face!

 We enjoyed roaming around their farm......

....and playing with the pups.

 One afternoon, Dave and Libia bought a mule she has had her eye on.  They negotiated their price....

She told me the mule was neglected - but the next time we visited, her mule would be shiny and healthy.  They LOVE their animals!

We also visited Libia's cousin's finca - 
75 spectacular acres of lush green jungle land!  

Oliver - Fishing for fresh Tilapia
Libia is an amazing cook - and guess what we had for dinner that night?
Whatcha Lookin' At????
Libia and Bo - Posing by the Pig Pen
(Is that Bo in a hat???)
We enjoyed the hidden waterfall and calm river on Olicho's property
One of the days, Libia's GORGEOUS family drove in from Cuenca to visit their mom.  I loved meeting them and taking some family portraits for her of her two handsome sons, beautiful daughter, and gorgeous grandson.

One of my prize photos of Libia and her precious grandson.


Some of you know the story of Bo's childhood past "Cowboy Hat- Hey Tex!" trauma.  To get Bo in a hat - well!!  So, for me, capturing this moment is priceless.  We both had such A HAPPY TIME during our visit with Jungle Dave and Libia.  

Thank you, Dave and Libia, for such a relaxing and enjoyable few days with you.  You made it grand for us - and we can't wait to come back and see you again!

If you haven't visited Ecuador's Amazon yet, you must.  If you haven't tasted Jungle Dave's Organic Meat yet, you must!  He does home delivery in Cuenca!  If you want to order meat or take a tour of his Finca in the Jungle and see the sweet town of San Juan Bosco, you can contact Dave at davegouch@yahoo.com 

Stay tuned for 


  1. Excellent photos! Looking forward to your next trip.
    We are moving to Ecuador later this year and are anticipating hiking and camping, traveling, just having a good time!

    1. Welcome to our BLOG, David!
      How exciting that you have plans to move to Ecuador this year and will also e exploring this beautiful country. I hope you continue to read all about it through our adventure and find this BLOG enjoyable and informative. I will be posting PART 2 of our continuing travels soon.
      Stay in touch!

  2. Thanks Linda for such lovely photographs of these beautiful people and this amazing country! We have had the privilege of tasting Jungle Dave's beef and have started Maisie on his organic dog food! Yummy!!

    1. Hi Stacey,
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the photographs of our time with Jungle Dave and Libia. They are such wonderful people to know and spend time with - and their organic meat is so delicious! Our freezer is full!!! I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog posts and enjoying my photography!

    2. Hello Linda,
      I enjoyed your photographs and hope you will continue share your trip with us. I liked those funny cute dogs’ photos. I will be excited to see your photographs on Galapagos Island. Apart from that some of my friends are also gone there for have a Galapagos trip and thanks to "Ecuador Green Travel" agency for arranging all needs there for them. Hope they could enjoy their likes you.

  3. Linda, I am Alena and a member of your blog. I have friends that are preparing to move to Ecuador. Do you have time for a few questions from them? I advised her that you may not have a lot of time online. It's a couple from GA, in the USA. This is a fairly quick decision and they know so little. I know one of her questions is related to what documents they need. I will check here for your response or you may mail me at: AbundantDay@hotmail.com. I don't want to impose on you so if this isn't something you can do, I will advise them to research elsewhere. Thank you! Alena

    1. Hi Alena,
      Forgive my late response as I was traveling and am not back home in Cuenca. I think a great resource for your friends from GA would be to join Ecuador Expats on Facebook. There they can post their questions, and also read up on many other questions and answers from those already living in Ecuador and from those planning their transition out of the USA. Another great place is on GringoPost and also GringoTree. I hope this helps and that they will find valuable information on the above links.
      Blessings to you Alena,

  4. Thank you so much Linda! I appreciate your nice input and I know my friends will also. Continued blessings and joys to you and Beau. I'm so glad you can travel and enjoy that beautiful country. I enjoy your site so much and I know that Cuenca is better of for having you and Beau there. :-)

  5. I haven't checked on you two in over a year and I've got some catch up reading to do! Love your new place and hope you're both doing well. Jimmie

  6. love your new place and hope you're both doing well. http://goo.gl/XdcxWx

  7. Hello, Linda I wrote you years ago.. We are now back in Bend Oregon. Where are you and Bo?.? Do you still live in Cuenca ? Vcrews97@yahoo.com

  8. As a native of this town I have to say you did an amazing job capturing its beauty and the things I love about it myself hope you enjoyed your stay :)

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