Sunday, January 11, 2015

Entertainment in Cuenca - A City Where The Most Gifted Musicians Perform - like Geoffrey Castle in Cuenca!!!

A Magical Evening with
Violinist Geoffrey Castle
Today I'm still delighting in last night's absolutely most amazing performance at Fish Bon Del Sur.  Rick Hubbert had Electric Violinist Geoffrey Castle flown in from Seattle, Washington, and it was truly one of the most memorable concerts Bo and I have been to in our two years living in Cuenca.  There was limited seating, so when we received Rick's invitation with a YouTube link to preview this great musician,  we reserved our tickets immediately.  What a fabulous performance by a tender and gifted musician.

So, who is Geoffrey Castle anyway?  One writeup in the Seattle paper said:  "Forget everything you think you know about the violin, and prepare to have your mind blown! Geoffrey Castle has made a career out of defying expectations, from his start as a street musician in New York City to playing in a Broadway show and jamming with folks from bands like Queen, Journey, YES, Blues Traveler, Bad Company and more.  An engaging and entertaining performer, Castle in concert is an experience you will never forget.”

Last night, Geoffrey Castle played a variety of music that included flavors of pop, rock, jazz, and mind-blowing celtic melodies.  It was beyond MAGICAL!  He's a one-man band, and the audience was mesmerized and unable to sit still with this high-energied, foot-tapping, master-playing violinist.  It was definitely one of those evenings that we didn't want to end.

If you missed this performance, you missed it big time!  If you are a "lover of music" here are a couple of u-tube links if you want to acquaint yourself with one of the greatest violinists ever:


Rick Hubbert introduces Geoffrey Castle to a full-house audience......
..........and he's ready to WOW us!!!

This creative musician begins the evening performance on his electric six-string violin.

Magical Talent
Soulful Passion!!

Lots of foot-stomping music.....

A Captivated Audience 

He's a one-man band........
........with a powerful voice........
.....and a great smile!

..........and one of many humble bows!!

Kudos to you, Geoffrey Castle, for gracing us and Cuenca with your brilliant talent.  It truly was an amazing evening for many!!


  1. Thanks for posting this great experience Linda and Bo! The photos are fabulous. So glad Geoffrey came to visit you. He plays at our church - Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle frequently. He always energizes people with his marvelous (electric) talent. Hopefully he'll come back to Cuenca after we've had a chance to move there too!

  2. Welcome to our Blog (sorry I don't have your name(s)!!!
    Glad you enjoyed the post and photos of the gifted and amazing Geoffrey Castle! He truly "WOW'd" us last week, and we are so excited to see him perform again on Saturday with Rubber Biscuit. I hope to get more amazing photos of this great evening to come. How exciting to hear you are planning to move to Cuenca. Please stay in touch, and hopefully we can meet when you settle in. Until then, look for another post of Geoffrey Castle in Cuenca.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Oh! Our names are Monica Hiatt and Neil Watts. I know occasionally Neil or I have commented on your great blog. We've been planning to move to Cuenca since Jan 2011 when we came to scope it out. Then started planning toward moving there. We are now in our Farewell tour of Seattle where we have lived for many wonderful years. Today is my last day in my work. (almost 15 years here - very blessed to have gotten to work for and in my Spiritual Community.) Neil's last day at his work is Feb 27! In between we are coming down to set up house in early Feb, then moving for real in early March with our dos gatos. We have had a magical, emotional ride selling our home, giving away our stuff... Next up is landing in Cuenca to experience it's amazing qualities with open minds and hearts for whatever wants to happen after that. Very exciting for us.
      We both cherish your heart sharing on your blog, have learned so much from reading and visiting through your photos and perceptions of life in Cuenca and Ecuador. Hoping at some point we can meet up with you two for a fun hike in the Caja's or a good chat over coffee. Bountiful blessings, Monica

    2. Great to know you via Blog comments - and we look forward to meeting you when you arrive. Ahhhhh, yes a trip to the Cajas. I hope to visit again next Saturday for a day hike. Love that area of Ecuador. I hear you when you share your journey so far to say goodbye to the old and to look forward to the new in Cuenca. I'm sure you've read about my "letting go" experience (and Bo's) and how life has changed for us in the past two years. Today the sun was shining warm and brightly, and the day was so glorious. I don't miss the PNW weather at all!!! Yes, I do miss our beautiful country home in Oregon, and many friends and the beauty of the PNW - but everything is a tradeoff, and this has been so worth the last two years of settling in to Cuenca living. I'm sure you'll look back and smile and say, "It was all worth it."
      Until we meet in Cuenca,
      PS - Seattlle is one of my favorite USA cities - such fond memories of times spent there with Bo.

    3. Hi, Just found your blog this and hoping to follow you. Your photos are wonderful!! Where do I sign up? We are heading back to Cuenca for our 2nd visit, hoping to move there or around Cuenca in 2 years. We are in our late 50's and love hiking, food and music! This visit will be 1/2 in Yungilla valley and 1/2 Cuenca. Hoping we can check out some music/expat events end of May. Any suggestions please on a expat music or activity schedule? Thanks!!

    4. Welcome to our BLOG, Debbie!
      I hope you continue to find my photography enjoyable and the Blog informative. Remember, it's all about our personal journey so far - and yours will be very personal too.
      Lots of hiking, food, and music opportunities here - so when you come, I'm sure you will find a weekly fill of all you are looking for. The schedule changes weekly, so you will have to wait until your arrival to see what is happening in Cuenca. You can sign up on the right hand side - submit your e-mail - and you can join with other followers through Google on the right also. Stay in touch, and let us know when you finally arrive, so we can welcome you to our beautiful city.


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