Sunday, January 18, 2015

ENTERTAINMENT IN CUENCA - Geoffrey Castle & Rubber Biscuit "WOW" the Audience....

It poured buckets yesterday afternoon.   It even hailed!  I looked out my balcony and people were running - dodging the powerful downpour.
Here are some photos that gringotree posted saying it was a "torrential downpour!!!!" http://cuenca-news.gringotree.com/torrential-downpour-causes-havoc-in-cuenca/ 

In an hour we were having our pre-concert potluck at our place.  Who would brave the storm?  Well, everyone showed up by 4 pm, with their rain-splattered faces and fabulous dishes.  The rains don't stop us here in Cuenca - they just soak us a bit.  Actually, we haven't had any downpours for weeks, this being our summer with warm-hot sunny blue-sky days - Brag, Brag!!!!  So it's good to have the rains to clean the air and wash the city streets now and then.  It was great that everyone was enthusiastic to brave the storm so we could enjoy each other before the rockin' concert! We have friends who know how to WOW each other with their creative dishes.  (My foodie friends, I love you!).

We headed down the wet streets of Cuenca to Fish Bon Del Sur.  No cabs were available when I called from the apartment.  So, "we'll just walk there."  Ahhhhh, then a miracle - a cab lady kindly stopped. Three of us climbed in, and the rest of the crowd chose to walk.  When we arrived at Fish Bon many people were already there.  Then I spotted Wilson, one of my "adorables" who is a practicing musician.  He met Geoffrey and Shannon Castle yesterday when they visited his dad's Rancho Hermanos Prado Restaurant in the Cajas (http://boandlindainecuador.blogspot.com/2014/09/el-cajas-national-park-parque-nacional.html) for a day hike and fresh trout dinner. Geoffrey invited Wilson to come to the concert tonight as his guest.  

So, not only was the evening a great time shared with our foodie friends, but I had great joy knowing Wilson was joining us to have a fabulous "music" experience. Wilson told me that it was a night he will always remember and that the music talent was "amazing!"  Yes, tonight was another fabulous evening listening and dancing to the talent of 6-string electic violinist Geoffrey Castle with the added bonus of Brian Gary and Rubber Biscuit.  Cuenca continues to absolutely amaze me - there is always something to do, someone new to meet, and the greatest entertainment times in this fabulous city.  I LOVE LIVING IN CUENCA!!

Enjoy the PICTURES I Captured OF 
  Rick Hubbert greets and presents the amazing Geoffrey Castle.......

This genius violinist gets right to it - not wasting one second to......
get our feet a stompin'........
......and to WOW his audience!
He shared with his audience.......

......reminiscing about his journey as a musician who moved from NYC and eventually landing in Seattle, Washington (good move!!!!)

After playing several captivating solos,  it was time to introduce.....
.......Brian Gary and Rubber Biscuit!


.......Rockin' and jammin' together......

....playing tunes from old favorites such as Santana, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and more!!!!!

........and the dancing begins!
Wilson joins right in......

......and also makes new expat friends.
Geoffrey has a moment with his wife, Shannon, after she sang him "happy birthday!!!!"

One great hit after another....
......and we can't stop dancing!!!
Another great performance by one passionate and amazingly talented electric violinist!


  1. And A Good Time Was Had by All

    I clicked on the 2 youtube links that you posted in your previous post. Thank you. I had never
    heard of him - but I very much enjoyed.

    As I've said in previous comments, I'll be moving to Ecuador later this year (a single female). Question - Linda, do you go shopping, etc alone or do you always go with Bo or some friends?

    Have A Great Day!

  2. Hi Juanita,
    Glad you enjoyed the youtube links to Geoffrey Castle's violin music. He was quite the entertainer here in little ol' Cuenca, and we hope he will return again one day.

    You must be excited as each day brings you closer to your move to the beautiful City. There are many single females here who have left it all behind to make Ecuador their home - especially in Cuenca. Yes, Juanita, I go shopping and out alone when I'm not with Bo or friends. I don't go out alone in the later dark hours EVER. No need to for me. I mostly enjoy going shopping with my girlfriends here, though. I imagine you ask as far as feeling safe in this city. I do feel safe - but I walk in wisdom and am always aware of my surroundings. You will be just fine - and you will also make many friends who you will go out with often. That's what I think, anyway.....
    Stay in touch and one day we will meet.

  3. Hi Linda,

    We've attempted to find a home in Oregon where we can afford life however after 1 1/2 years here in beautiful Florence we still can't get our budget within our means. We've never totally stopped thinking about Cuenca and it is once again moving up on our list. One thing that has concerned me is that, like you, I have asthma. I know you had a rough time of it for awhile but seem to be doing fine now. Does the bus fumes give you grief? I hear it's pretty polluted. Is that not really a problem for you. I take Qvar 2x twice a day and it's freed me from my rescue inhaler so I'm wondering if that's something you use and is it enough.
    Thank you for all the help you offer so many people. It's a big decision and you are a wonderful guide in the process.
    Patrice & Stephen

    1. Hi Patrice,
      Thank you for your comment - and, Oh, how I loved visiting the coast and Florence when we lived in Oregon! As for my asthma, I no longer suffer seasonal allergies. I do not take any allergy medications nor do I use an inhaler anymore. My rough times are when I get the flu or a bad cold here and it travels to my lungs. Then my asthma, or should I say lung issues happen. That only happens a couple times a year, if that. Leaving Oregon was a good decision in that alone after suffering 40 years in the "Valley of Sickness" as the Willamette Valley was named.

      As for the bus fumes - living in an apartment on a bus route for two years was not the best choice because the fumes and dust are tremendous - but we have moved AGAIN - and are now settled into a beautiful apartment for the past month, on the east side of the Historic District and only one bus passes our street, and not that often. I have since bought some powerful air ionizers also, and that has kept our apartment(s) circulating clean air.

      So, all this to say, there are ways to overcome asthma and have better health. For me, it was leaving Oregon. the altitude does not affect me like it does some people. I hope this helps, Patrice, and perhaps you might visit Cuenca again and stay awhile to see if it agrees with your health. We came to Cuenca without an exploratory visit and have been here over two years.

      Stay in touch, and best to you in your future decisions for the best place to live.
      Should you come visit, contact me so we can meet.


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