Friday, November 16, 2012


We had quite a response to our first BLOG posting about our move to Cuenca.  One of our friends wrote and asked the following,  "I truly look forward to following your journey, and am equally curious to know how this all transpired to begin with.  What has you leaving it all behind with sights on Cuenca?".  I realize that some of you don't even know how Bo and I got here, so here goes......

One day my wonderful employer, Dr. Caroline, told me that she and her family had decided to move back to South Carolina.  After I cried and kicked and screamed, "don't leave me.....," I finally adjusted to the reality that my once-in-a-lifetime job would be ending (and she indeed left me and rainy Eugene for her own wonderful sunny adventure!!!!).  So, Bo and I began to seriously discuss our fast approaching retirement years and Bo's desire to leave corporate America and the depressing rainy Willamette Valley Oregon weather.  It is continually Bo's desire to relocate to brighter days and simpler ways.  We thought that Florida would be a good relocation because we had family there, but we began to consider Florida's unsettling economy, intense humidity, flat and uninspiring terrain, and the fact that we'd already lived in the area we were considering.  Our focus this time was to experience another new and memorable adventure. 

Bo had mentioned ex-pating to Cuenca, Ecuador back in 2009, and I wasn't curious enough at that time to really research it.  Besides, I had my beautiful home and my comfortable predictable lifestyle, so why would I want to move to another country?  So, instead, that year we bought a 45' 1985 Prevost and traveled for a year cross country and back. We had both been laid off from our jobs simultaneously, and it was an open door to GO again!  Upon returning to Eugene, we once again became gainfully employed and sold the Prevost.  Thus, another adventure-notch on our belts!! 

So two years flies by and my now wonderful job would be ending, our glorious Oregon summer would be its usual short and fleeting season - and again, the long season of unrelenting RAINS would be upon us!    We did seriously consider moving to Charleston, SC so I could continue my employment with Dr. Caroline (she loves me!).  However, after our May visit there (and Charleston is definitely a "don't miss" if you've never been there), in spite of it's beauty and glorious weather, Bo and I both agreed it was not the right move for us financially nor an area we wanted to ultimately retire to. 

In the months to follow, I began to read informative and fun blogs written by many adventuresome ex-pats living in Cuenca and their descriptive experiences of this wonderful city, beautiful people, eternal spring-like climate, excellent and affordable health care and attractive cost of living.  I found myself longing for this same adventure.  As for Bo, he's the one who planted this seed to begin with!!  We both knew from experience that another move would be a big undertaking, so we wanted to go where we both desired to settle for awhile.  Finally, Ecuador WON over Florida and became the desire and destination of both our hearts.

What a journey of great change and challenging events it's been from the day my job ended on July 3rd -  an undertaking way beyond what we both expected.  Yet, we are going to look back and we'll be able to connect the dots of "suddenlies" and "challenges" and it will then make sense on why there were the delays and the waiting.  I look forward to the day we are in our new home in Cuenca and experiencing a new culture and lifestyle.  It is going to be such an appreciated "new beginning."  Yes, there is always the possibility that it may not work out or be what we hoped it to be, but if we don't go we'll never know. All we know is we don't want to live in Eugene anymore.  So, we are relocating somewhere.  For now, Destination Ecuador it is!!!!!

Bo wants to be done with Corporate America - He said it's stealing his soul.  He has a good job here in Eugene as a financial planner, but he's taking the risk and giving it up. Also, we don't want to live in fear or find all the reasons why we shouldn't or couldn't, 'cause then we wouldn't!!!  Fear will paralyze us from moving forward into the unknown!  Reasoning will cause us to cancel our dreams!  We want to have adventures in our life, and we'll do our adventures NOW and TOGETHER while we are both still in the youth of our old age. What are your dreams?  Are you living the best years of your life NOW?  Because, there may not be a tomorrow.  It's different for each of us, but it's important to re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be.

Our current plan is not to come back to live here.  We will rent our home and eventually we hope to sell it.  It's too big, too much, and we're ready to simplify our lifestyle.  Renting a home in Ecuador will give us the freedom to come and go.  Peru and Machu Picchu has been another dream of mine to experience.  Also, we want to visit the Galapagos Islands.  Our hope is to travel while living in Ecuador, and new surroundings always enhance my love for photography and get me back behind the lens. 

Bo and I both look forward to living with the beautiful Ecuadorian people and perfecting our Spanish.  We look forward to new friends and new experiences - especially living a much simpler lifestyle.  It will be a culture shock (we know, we experienced it when we moved to Honduras and even Florida!!), yet we learned to adjust and to bloom where we were planted.  Right now, we're in "Learning To Adjust" and "Simplifying Our Lifestyle" training as we live in just our family room and out of our suitcases.  We're learning a new level of PATIENCE as we wait for the final needed documents to arrive and our home to rent.  There are no mistakes, only God's divine intervention for protecting us and preparing us for what's ahead - and SOON we will be released to journey to our new destination.  I pray it is Cuenca!!

So, that's our story and how it all began......

We're going to miss our abundant Oregon garden!

.......and the fragrant Lavender plants that adorn the acre.

Bo will REALLY miss his motorcycle adventures........
.......and we'll both miss our beautiful Oregon Fall Seasons. 
We'll miss our sweet Deer Family visits......

........and watching them chomp down our Kale plants and garden.

Mostly, we'll miss our beautiful country living - laying in the hammock and enjoying our lush Oregon landscape.  We'll miss so many things about our life in Oregon, but we're truly ready for our next adventure!


  1. Rev Helen Davies/Dallas,TXJanuary 17, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    What? No comments here? What a great story. So where are you now in your new adventure? I have also been researching Cuenca as a possibility for my retirement from the USA. I have a question for you if you've relocated and have enough knowledge of your new place. So much sounds appealing about Cuenca but one thing I don't like. I read that there are armed robbers on buses and one can't wear any jewelery at all there. How insecure is that? I wonder why there is such lawlnessness in public areas. Is there not an adequate police force? Another thot...I love your spiritual attitude of no mistakes, only God's divine intervention of provision and preparation. I am a Christian minister and would love to work with the poor in Ecuador. I would love to hear about how your path has unfolded. Truly giving up the motorcycle is big. That's real sacrifice, isn't it? Along with such a beautiful life in Oregon. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I want to hear about what has happened since July. Thanks so much for posting!

    1. Hello Helen,
      Welcome to our Blog! We hope you enjoy reading about our continued journey in Cuenca. As you search the internet, you will read many different personal perspectives and opinions about Cuenca and what it's like. Bo and I have had some wonderful days here, and we have not seen any armed robbers on the buses to date (ha!). We do see many police walking the streets of Cuenca! We've also heard testimonies of people who have been personally violated. Life reveals good and evil everywhere! We are not the ones to ask if Cuenca is dangerous. We think Springfield, Oregon is dangerous, since we were robbed in mid-afternoon broad daylight for all of my jewelry and camera equipment. So is life! If you want to work with the poor, I'm sure you won't be lacking in opportunity to do so here. Remember, all of life is a personal experience, and one's faith and attitude in how they enter into a doubtful undertaking will reveal the the outcome of that journey. Best to you and do stay in touch.
      Bo and Linda

  2. I had just found your blog and realize you have updates here. I will carry on with my reading and relish learning more about your move.

    Blessings abundantly! Helen/Dallas, TX.

    1. Enjoy, Helen.
      Leave us your comments. We'd enjoy hearing from you.

  3. Bo and Linda, just found your blog. So many similarities...we, too, will miss our motorcycles. We are currently full-time RVers (since 2007) and have been living and traveling in our 41' 5th wheel toyhauler pulled by a medium duty Freightliner.

    Looking forward to your posts as we continue our research and evaluation of Cuenca as a new home. We hope to take a month long exploratory trip in either mid-summer of this year or mid-winter of next year.

  4. Welcome to our Blog, Donna!
    So glad you found us and are enjoying our Ecuador adventure. We experienced the RVers lifestyle in a 40' Prevost, and it was another one of our many adventures and memories. Now we are making new memories in Cuenca. Bo really misses his Valkyrie, but he doesn't whine about it too much (LOL).

    Enjoy our posts and let us know what you'd like to hear about. We hope to meet you if you come mid-summer this year. Keep us posted and we'll answer all your comments.


  5. Thanks, Linda. We actually changed our mind today and will be doing our exploratory trip in mid-April. We've started a blog: http://ecuador-bound.blogspot.com/ Not advertising it much since we're not telling family our plans until we come back. LOL!

  6. Wow, Donna!
    I like you guys - spontaneous and going for it! Glad you changed your plans, and hoping to meet you two when you get here. Keep us posted. I checked out your blog and love it - it's going to be very informative and popular if you keep posting as you are. Happy planning and keep on keeping on. You won't regret it!



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