Friday, November 30, 2012

READY TO MOVE TO ECUADOR - 'twas the night before leaving..........

It's really happening now!  We've spent the entire day packing, packing, and more packing.  There is so much left to do before we leave tomorrow afternoon.  I feel so overwhelmed and wonder if we will get it all done.  Bo reminds me, "we always do, Hon!"  Just what I needed to hear.  It's pouring down rain.  My prayer is that tomorrow we will have a break in this wet weather because we have to get up early and empty this room - haul the furniture to our back shed-storage area. It's not fun moving in rain.

I'm proud that we were able to get everything we want to take to Ecuador in 4 check-in bags, and 4 carry-ons.  Considering we're moving to another country, I think we're traveling reasonably light.  Because we had packed our bathroom scale, I can't weigh the bags, but I'm hoping they will not exceed the 50 pound limit.  So many rules with the airlines.  If we make the weight limits for each bag, it will cost us $120  to check in our bags.  I'm glad they don't have a weight limit on the carry-ons (United that is), because my camera gear is HEAVY!  Bo has the Vitamix and Omega Juicer in his carry-on - and I'm laughing as I think about how heavy that one is.  they took up the entire bag!  No way was I checking through my juicer.  We could pack it tonight because I already juiced away today so I'd have my infusion for tomorrow.

I'm thrilled to be going to Cuenca just for their produce.  The day I walk into one of their open markets, I'll know I've truly arrived!!  The ex-pat bloggers that have shared photos of the vendors selling their fruits and vegetables have given me a reason to bring that heavy juicer and Vitamix.  The colors, the abundance, the variety, and the amazing prices.  It's one of the first things I want to do when we arrive - go produce shopping!  I've read that you can either pay gringo prices or local prices.  We're going to learn to shop there and use our Spanish to get the local prices.  I'm sure we'll find our favorite vendors after some time there.  I'm hoping we will meet some wonderful Ecuadorians and ex-pats who will show us how to shop.

We'll be rising early tomorrow, ready to wrap up things here in Oregon and begin the next leg of this journey.  Our dear Cannoy family is coming over in the afternoon to whisk us off to the airport.  They said they want to give us a proper send off.  Sweet!  We love them so much.  So, at around 3:30 pm we're on our way.  We'll have an overnight flight and end up in Tampa, Florida tomorrow morning at 10 am.  By Tuesday, we'll be on our way from Tampa to Guayuquil.  We'll arrive in Cuenca on Wednesday, December 5th, exactly two months from the day we were originally to leave back in October.  It's been a long long wait!

As for the house, it's in the hands of our property managers.  What will be will be!  We're walking by faith and not by sight.  I love the quote from William James that says, ""Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that assures the successful outcome of any venture."  With all the unexpected changes since we began this journey, it certainly has been an amazing and at times doubtful undertaking.  There have been a couple of times when I wanted to turn around and go back to our comfortable predictable life here, but I'm glad we've persevered and didn't give in to the disappointments and closed doors.  We focus on all the doors that have opened instead....

The most difficult part of today was going to see mom and kissing her goodbye.  She doesn't know we won't be back for some time, but I do.  I cried all the way home.  It hit me harder than I thought it would, even though I know she's in the best care facility for the stage of her health and dementia.  Pam, one of her caregivers who loves mom so much, hugged me at the door and we cried together.  She promised me she'd take good care of mom until I'm back to see her.  My heart hurts just writing this.  If mom were healthy and able, she'd be on that plane with us.     

My Beautiful Mom in her younger years (1944).  I'll miss my precious mom!

Thank you dear friends and family for all your prayers, e-mails, and phone calls. Your words of encouragement and excitement for us means so much.  Bo and I are truly blessed and we'll miss each and everyone of you.  For those of you whom we didn't get to see and hug goodbye, know that we'll be blogging our adventure and life in Ecuador so you can join us in our journey.
Mucho amor y abrazos,
Linda and Bo

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