Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RETIRING TO ECUADOR - I know I can, I know I can.......

I'm not happy!  Actually, I started the day very happy.  When that FedEx van pulled up at 11 a.m. today, I ran to grab the envelope from the FedEx guy.  I think I scared him!  I'm sure he wondered, "Who gets that enthusiastic about a Fed Ex delivery?"  Thanks to Jim in NY (whom we hope to meet and thank personally when he arrives in Cuenca end of December ), we now have all of our necessary documents apostilled and ready for our move to Cuenca.  the NYC birth certificate ordeal is over.  Yes!

So, Bo and I immediately got on our computers to begin to make our plane reservations, FINALLY!  What a task, trying to find a reasonably priced flight from Oregon to Guayaquil with somewhat decent connections.  Nothing!  We were hoping to be in Guayaquil on Monday night.  Then Bo suggested we leave Thursday.  I said, "Pleeeeeze, I can't sanely wait until next Thursday!"  I knew by then I'd have slit my wrists.  Well, he meant two days from now.  Yikes!  No way!  I mean, I can move with purpose when I have to, but that was moving beyond what I was capable of, and I knew it.  If I could have, I would have, since I'm ready to run from here.  However, I would have been a wreck, and I don't function when I become a wreck (who does?????).  So, we continued to peruse the cheap flight sites.

Then the phone rang.  The property manager called and informed me that the soon-to-move-in renters had changed their minds because of an unexpected personal situation.  NOooooooooo!!!  This can't be happening.  I acted (total pretense) really cool and replied, "Oh, well.  Thanks for letting us know."  She continues to try and make me feel better by letting me know there are others interested parties and she will be contacting them.  Right!  I'm sure there are lots of people clambering to rent our house and wanting to move right before Christmas.  Okay.  I'm a bit pessimistic now, but this rental roller coaster ride is starting to wear on me.  So, now I'm not happy!

I have got to believe that everything will work out.  It always does when I look back, but for now, I'm not happy!  Bo and I finally realized that it was not working out trying to find a reasonable flight connection to Guayaquil for the specific dates we wanted to leave on, so we decided to use some of our frequent flyer miles and book an overnight flight for Saturday night that will get us to Tampa, Florida on Sunday morning.  We both need a few days to relax and refocus before booking our flight to Cuenca.  Our dear friend, Patty, called us tonight, and we let her know "We're coming."  Of course, she's thrilled.  She loves us!  So, more DELAYS.  More DETOURS.  More SUDDENLIES.  Bo tells me not to lose heart.  He's my rock and my encourager when I'm weak and ready to give up.  The way things have been going, I sometimes wonder, "Will we ever get to Cuenca?"

For the next 3 days we will finalize emptying and cleaning the house, and I will be packing and repacking our bags until we have the least amount of suitcases possible.  We're planning on two check in bags each.  If it doesn't fit, we'll leave it behind (except for my Omega Juicer and Vitamix - no way I'm leaving those.  I'm a juicing addict!!!).  We'll be on a plane out of Eugene by 5:30 p.m. Saturday.  Once we're on that plane, I will be more enthusiastic and ready for what lies ahead.  I must admit, this has been one of the most difficult life changing journeys I have ever experienced.  I keep telling myself, "I know I can, I know I can....."


  1. Whew! Prayers for you, friend. The upheaval is always so uncomfortable.
    I owe you a letter, and it will come. But, meanwhile... daughter and grandchildren were in VT (son-in-law's job transfer), so there was no other place we could be!

  2. Yes Pam, There have been many closed doors, but lots of open doors too! We plan to leave Saturday for Florida, then Tuesday for Ecuador. Our journey continues and we are very excited to arrive at our destination, AT LAST! Follow our journey for more adventures. Thinking of you and glad you are in touch. Love LInda

  3. Thinking of you, on the eve of crossing the threshold of the big adventure. I can only imagine (but in a sense I know) the jitters, and the butterflies, and the anxiousness, and yet... the peace. You're following His lead, and so there is peace.
    Soar on eagles' wings, my friend! I am so much looking foward to following the adventure-journey with you!
    Love you... xo

  4. Sweet Pam,
    How sweet of you to be thinking of us this very exciting time of our journey. It's happening! And you're right Pam - there is a peace along with the nervousness. Yes, come journey with us as we blog and keep you posted. I love you dear friend.


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